sustainability & quality


Most of our apparel is cut and sew, meaning that we do not use blanks for items such as crewnecks and hoodies. All fabric is handpicked to ensure that you're getting the best quality possible. Our crewnecks and hoodies are made with an incredibly soft yet heavyweight blend of cotton and polyester. 

Cut and sew pieces are manufactured in Guangzhou, a major city in China. We only work with factories in Guangzhou because of the strict measures placed that ensure that workers are receiving a fair wage and working reasonable hours every week. Workers are also placed in safe working conditions. It is often said that in Guangzhou, the workers have more power than the factory owners. 


For the rest of our items, we supply them from local or small businesses. We create our t-shirts with a local screen printer based in Philadelphia, PA. Our stickers and photo prints are made with US based companies.


We are gradually making a change to using more environmentally friendly packaging. Double Happy started by using plastic items such as cellophane bags and polymailers, however, we are transitioning to using paper and compostable products. In the next few months, you might notice the change in packaging!