FAQs ✩‧˚

Have a quick question? Check out the FAQ below to see if your question might've already been answered. If your still have questions, please feel free to shoot us a message on our contact page or email us at avocadopins@gmail.com!

Will you restock (item)?

Do you ship to (country)?

  • We ship worldwide. Shipping fees range; please scroll down to the shipping question on this page for more info.

Do you accept exchanges?

  • At the moment, we do not, due to COVID. Please be mindful and check the sizing chart before ordering! If you're in doubt or stuck in between two sizes, always go with the bigger size.

Why do your restocks take so long?

  • All of our apparel is made cut and sew, which basically means that it's made from raw fabric. The process can be quite long, but we do this to ensure that you get the best quality possible. We personally think it's worth it to produce apparel that is comfortable and soft, and we steer away from using low quality fabric like Gildan that go bad after a few washes! Shipping from our manufacturer takes at least a month too, so please keep in mind that we are moving as fast as we can!

When will my order be shipped?

  • Our usual processing time is about 1-7 days, however, processing times for our shop updates can be up to 4 weeks, so please be patient if your order isn't shipped quickly! 

This item is sold out in your shop, can I pre-order?

  • If we had preorders previously and you missed out on them, we'll have in-stocks later on, meaning you'll be able to get one then!

How much is shipping?

  • US Domestic: Starts at $4 for USPS First Class. Orders over 1 pound (Hoodie + other items) starts at about $8 for USPS Priority Mail.
  • Canada/Mexico: Starts at $8 for USPS First Class Intl. Mail.
  • International: Starts at $10 for USPS First Class Intl. Mail.
  • Prints/Stickers have an option for $1 stamped mail to US Domestic and $2 stamped mail internationally. These options do NOT have tracking.

Can I combine my orders?

  • Depending on what you ordered, yes! For example, if you make multiple orders during a shop update, we can gladly combine your orders to help you save on shipping. Feel free to shoot us a message on our contact page.
  • I cannot combine preorder items!! 

How long is shipping?

  • Domestic shipping typically takes between 3~5 days. International shipping can take 1~3 weeks to arrive. Please check tracking for info on your package status and expected delivery times.
  • COVID UPDATE: Please allow an additional 1-2 weeks domestic and 2-3 months international for orders to arrive.

Do you do gift wrapping?

  • At the moment, we do not do gift wrapping for apparel.
  • We do gift wrapping for smaller items such as pins and keychains! Please specify in the notes and we'll be sure to package it as nicely as possible.
  • If a note is requested, please let me know that it is a note in your order notes, rather than just the gift message. 
  • Please be specific with your order notes regarding gifts! We often receive orders with a note that simply says "gift", which does not provide us with any context.

What are "grades" for pins?

  • All enamel pins are handmade, meaning that at the factories, they're hand filled, hand polished, etc. They are not all perfect, hence the pin grading system. Pins are priced based on their grade. The more defects a pin may show, the cheaper it will be.
  • A, or standard grade pins, have very small to no defects. These defects would only be noticeable if expected very closely. These pins are perfect for those that collect pins.
  • B grade pins have more noticeable defects, however, they cannot be seen unless up close. Examples of these defects could be a small dust particle or light scratch. 
  • C grade pins have the most noticeable defects of the 3 grades. Examples of these defects could be dents in a member's face or under-filled enamel.
  • Second grade pins are junk grade pins. They typically have very noticeable effects and are discounted heavily. 

How do preorders work? What's the difference between in-stocks and preorders?

  • When an item is open for "preorders", it means that the buyer is basically paying for it ahead of time at a discounted price. Funds received from preorders are used to fund the cost of production for the item. For example, Jungkook purchases a preorder for a beret on my website for $20. The $20 is used towards production, and Jungkook can expect to receive his beret in 1~3 months. After I receive the berets, I'll ship the beret out to Jungkook along with possible freebies. 
  • In-stocks is made up of the leftover stock after preorders are sent out. These items will then go up in my shop after I ship out all preorders. From there, if a buyer purchases, they can expect the item to arrive much faster than a preorder purchase, because the item is in hand.

Why should I preorder?

  • There are several benefits of preordering. The first perk comes with a discounted price. In-stocks may be more expensive than preorders depending on the item.
  • The second perk is possible freebies. Freebies will range for each item and preorder period. Possible freebies include: stickers, buttons, and photocards.
  • The third perk is a guarantee of quality. Those that preorder get the best items of the batch. Buyers that preorder pins receive top quality pins, and the most perfect of the batch, being A/Standard or B grade pins.

I want a refund. How can I go about this?

  • We will accept a refund if the order has not been shipped yet. We also only accept refunds for in-stock items. If an order has been shipped or is a preorder item, we will NOT accept refunds!
  • For any order issues, please reach out to us through out contact page. Other refunds not listed above are decided on a case to case basis.