Preorder Updates

Please note that due to the ongoing pandemic, pre-orders may take up to 6 MONTHS to be shipped. 

Orders that contain one or more pre-order item will not ship until all items are in hand.

    Rkive + Genius Lab Varsity Jackets

    • In production! Currently getting a second sample made so we make sure they will be perfect :) We are aiming to get these shipped out in time for the BTS PTD concerts in LA! (10.6.21)
    • Rkive jackets finished production! Genius Lab jackets should be finishing up soon. Unfortunately, these will NOT arrive in time for the PTD concerts (11.08.21)
    • Genius lab jackets are finished production! They will be shipped out ASAP (11.12.21)
    • Arrived at our warehouse! Orders will begin shipping this week (1.04.22)
    • Our apologies for the delay! Our warehouse has been a bit behind on orders. They just notified us that orders will begin shipping this week! (1.15.21)